Know your Standard

The American Poultry Association is proud to provide this educational set of quizzes. There are over 160 breeds of poultry in the Standard of Perfection, therefore it was necessary to break the questions into logical groups. At the end of each quiz you’ll be given the results of that quiz.

At this time only the SAMPLE QUIZ is fully functional.

To help 4H and Youth Groups, each quiz allows you to enter a name and an email address. This information is also included on the Results page after the quiz. The youth can simply print off that page to show how they’ve done. (Just a teaser, when this is all said and done we can report back to you on how each person does, but for now we have to focus on building the bones.)

Hint: The system is set to present the questions and the answers in a random pattern, so you and your friends may see them in different order within a quiz.

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Large Fowl
AmericanClick here
AsiaticClick here
ContinentalClick here
EnglishClick here
MediterraneanClick here
All Other Standard BreedsClick here
Other Fowl
Click here
DucksClick here
Turkeys & GuineasClick here
Single Comb Clean LegClick here
Rose Comb Clean LegClick here
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Feather LegClick here
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