Hatchery vs Show Quality

Stephanie Commer put together an excellent photo essay show the difference between hatchery stock and show quality birds. She has graciously shared it with the American Poultry Association.

A recurring comment on these comparisons is that some standardbred birds appear too large and ungainly. I would refer you to two comments that help clarify this.

Frank Reese Jr. – The exhibition poultry not only does well in the show ring but also makes superior market birds. If you follow the standards of perfection you will have better meat bird and egg production. The general hatchery catalogue birds will most often be a huge disappointment at the market. Dressing out half the size and failing as a true dual production bird.

Mark Cunningham – Let’s look at it this way in a human football perspective. “Hatchery” football players are healthy, have athleticism and can usually get a scholarship to a low major college or FCS team. “Exhibition” humans are bigger, faster and more athletic. They are on in Power Five schools and NFL. While the hatchery players look good when playing each other and are healthy and athletic, when they go against the exhibition players, few hatchery players look as big and as athletic. Both are healthy, but the exhibition are just that much better.