Change in Broiler Size

Poultry breeding has achieved amazing results over the last 35+years. This is evidenced by comparing these three market birds. Not only has the birds size been improved but also the rate of growth.

The bird on the left were ready for processing in about sixteen weeks while the bird on the right is ready to process in roughly eight and one half weeks.

Their fast rate of growth has come with it’s on set of problems though. While these birds mature quickly this also means that they are unable to develop much flavor in their meat. Their size and fast growth also comes with increased health problems, including skeletal issues and increased death rates after only a few weeks.

“Balanced breeding: Reproductive, muscle/ skeleton development and health immunity all must be kept in balance. If you choose one over the other then the other two suffer.” Frank Reese, Jr.

Breeders that produce the best birds will stay focused on all three areas when selecting their breeders for the coming year. This is particularly important with our exhibition birds where we need all three of these traits to be strong in our birdes.