The Showbox

Jodi Forhan of Missouri provided this post from last year (2019).

Thought it might help some peeps. Getting ready for my first show of the fall. Heading to Kentucky tomorrow. Cleaned out my show box. Made sure everything is ready.

Some of the many things in my box;

  • apron
  • paperwork
  • mite spray
  • bath in a bottle
  • all the leg bands
  • baby oil
  • vet rx
  • baby wipes
  • nail files
  • Silk cloth

The “Bath in a Bottle” is not to replace a thorough bath in preparation for the show. However it is invaluable at the showroom for that last minute touchup. An example of one brand is Cowboy Magic. A warning – be careful of cleaners with bluing – white birds can end up grey, splotchy or purple.

Other things I bring

  • Chairs
  • Water from home or at least a water jug
  • My own feed
  • Extra shavings
  • Zip ties are your friends for quick cage repairs.
  • Scissors
  • Pens and markers
  • Paper or index cards, because you are always going to be looking for something to write on!
  • Cash – there’s always something you want to buy!

These are my favorite nail trimers, the guard keeps from taking off too much at once.

These scrubbies are the best for depooing feet.

I also carry stiptic powder incase a nail or comb bleeds.

.So if you are missing something come find me. I’ll share!”