Position of the Chick in the Egg

Understanding the position of the chick in the egg can assist in assessing what may have gone wrong during hatching.

The first thought that comes to mind is why we leave the eggs alone during the hatch and don’t turn them. The chick has positioned itself to pip the egg, cracking the shell and has prepared to press it’s head and neck against just the right spot to open the egg. If we rotate the egg at this time, it can mess it all up and the chick can die from being unable to exit the egg.

In this graphic you see the “Hatching Muscle”. Here is something that many folks do not understand. When you “help” a chick hatch it often has a wobbly or bobble-head. The muscle structure and placement of the chick are all aligned to help the chick during and immediately after hatching. The pressure and stress of hatching help align all those little bit and pieces in the chick, if you deprive them of this then they are at a disadvantage from the beginning.