Welcome to the American Poultry Associations Education and Training website. Here you will find information on the raising and exhibiting of Standard Bred Poultry. The goal of this site is to provide information for all levels of poultry fanciers. It will include material for the beginner and the seasoned poultry fancier and everyone in between. Topics will include how to enter a show, the classes, how to read a coop card, information on defects, disqualifications and much more. The information will be presented on this site in slide shows, PDF’s and as videos on our YouTube channel.

 We will try to cover all the aspects of raising and exhibiting poultry and even include advice on how to run a successful show.  I urge everyone to check back regularly as the information will be changing with new topics being added continuously. I hope that you enjoy browsing through these pages.

John Monaco, President
American Poultry Association President

A YouTube Channel has been created for the APA videos. Feel free to browse the collection and pass along the link to friends and family. Or, you may use our website to link to specific videos.

Click here to visit the APA YouTube Channel

In the coming weeks we will be adding materials to aid both the novice and the seasoned exhibitor. The goal is to provide easy to understand material from authoritative sources.

As a place holder on the web we give you the opportunity to review a slide show put together by Bruce Murdoch. This is a good little slide show that will help identify some of the common defects and disqualifications in birds.